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The Pull of The Moon

A friend gave me a card the other day signed with the words, “enjoy your Pull of the Moon journey.” That invoked an instant memory  of a book that had inspired me  when my youngest child was 10 (now 21). The book is The Pull of The Moon by Elizabeth Berg. It is about a middle aged woman who  runs away from home to discover her self. She realizes that although she loved being a mother to her children and a wife to her slightly unaware husband, somewhere along the way she got lost. Her trip helps her find her way back home.
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Giving and Taking

I have always been comfortable giving what I can to friends, family and causes I support. I never have much money but if I can give time, a skill or support, I love to do that. During the preparation for this trip I have learned that the flip side to giving is taking. Not just taking but accepting what is offered with grace and without guilt. OK, did I say I have learned? Well maybe not quite. I am learning.

The trip has been a fantasy now for years but once I committed to a leaving date and it became a reality, people have stepped forward giving me; support, things I need and even ‘gas’ money. It is overwhelming. It is weird. I don’t mean to say that I am not appreciating it because that would be wrong. More to the point, I am seeing myself as a person who can receive help in what ever way it is given. I am in stages, grateful, overwhelmed, emotional, guilty and grateful all over again. I am not even on the road yet and yet I can feel my life and perception of myself and the space I inhabit shifting.

Shifting? Yes. I am changing. I have in past years loved who I am and have been grateful for the life I have been given. I thought that it couldn’t get any better. Whoooo, I am seeing that I still have a long way to go. The journey promises to be geographical both in the larger world and inside.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.

27 Days And Counting

Yesterday a friend said, “Wow! you are leaving in a few weeks.”

Augh!! A few weeks. That doesn’t sound like much time at all. So many things to wrap up, so much to do. So today I sat down with the calender to count days and I have almost a month, which sounds very spacious. Way more time than a couple of weeks. Whew, what a relief.

In the time I have left, I am making lists and trying to keep my ‘stuff’ to a minimum but what to bring? I need clothes for hot, cold, rainy and maybe even snowy weather. It is spring here but some places in Canada are still buried in winter. I am still connecting with people and planning as much as I can for this spontaneous, un planned event. I am appreciating all of your support.

Here is a quote that popped up in my mailbox this morning. It seemed to speak to the wisdom of leaping. I believe….I believe.

Some things have to be believed to be seen.
– Ralph Hodgson

Save That Date

My friends are amazing and they are having a goodbye/goodluck and fundraising party May 2 for me. You are invited. Check out the info on Quest Across – the party page.

Here is a quote I love:

Whatever your dream is, show up. Pluck the strings, put your hands on the clay, dance even though you feel you are hopeless. Don’t skip the day when everything seems confusing or your doubts arer overwhelming.

Show up half dead and find the part of you that is so alive that it will awaken the parts which you thought lost forever.

Don’t judge. Just do it and the rest will come.

Contributed by Aprille Janes